Dust collectors are used in many processes to either recover valuable granular solid or powder from process steams or to remove granular solid pollutants from exhaust gases prior to venting to the atmosphere. They are often used as an air pollutants control device to maintain or improve air quality. Our equipment will operate at an efficiency of not less than 99.9% down to 1 micron. The vents to the atmosphere are even lesser than the Pollution Control Board norms. They are available in capacities ranging from 500 CMH to 300000 CMH. Their application spreads across diverse industries from power stations to mining plants and wood working, pharmaceutical, chemical, cement, paper and many more. Separation efficiency is the key factor in judging a dust collector and our design innovation facilitates that in the most effective manner. Our cyclone separators and fume extraction systems are highly robust and take care of all the collection and extraction requirements specific to the industry application.

Centrifugal fans can be part of Air handling system.

  • Dust Collectors.
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  • Fume Extraction systems.

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